Unique Shells - 14K


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Each Drippy shell charm comes with a matching (silver, vermeil, or 14K White, Yellow, or Rose ) 16” chain and earring hook to be worn however you like interchangeably.

All of our items are made either entirely of recycled materials or mostly. Additionally our items are handmade with love in Houston, TX.

They’re all unique and vary slightly no two items will ever be exactly the same.

They’re perfectly imperfect!



  1. Size refers to the amount of gold each size up is +2grams

  2. If you would like to see an assortment of shells to pick the exact one you like you may. Once you complete your order you are more than welcome to submit a request into our contact page with specifications (color, measurements, etc..) or simply to request images to choose from. Include your order number.

  3. Although size is mostly determined by the gold weight, the shells vary in size. For example: Our Small 14k Spiral Shell before adding gold is an average of 20mm long and about 5mm at it widest. After gold it is an average of 40mm long and maintains 5mm wide at widest point. The average weight for this shell is a total of 4g - 1g shell weight and 3g gold weight

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